ICSFI 2021

International Conference on



Organized by the Bangladesh Institute of Capital Market

in celebration of

the Golden Jubilee of the Independence of Bangladesh


the Birth Centenary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

6-7 April 2021 | ONLINE | https://icsfi2021.bicm.ac.bd

Across the world, Bangladesh is considered a key and natural victim of climate change and environmental degradation, where lives and economic activities are under substantial threat. The threat to lives and businesses could generate substantial adverse impacts for the financial markets and institutions if they do not consider sustainability in their operation. Furthermore, the financial markets and institutions have another vital role to play, i.e., fulfilling the huge funding gap faced by developing countries like Bangladesh to achieve sustainability goals. As the core agent for mobilizing funds in the economy, financial institutions and markets need to play a proactive role in ensuring a sustainable future for Bangladesh. Also, financial regulations need to incorporate sustainability considerations to facilitate the role of financial markets and institutions.

Through the International Conference on Sustainable Finance and Investment (ICSFI) 2021, the Bangladesh Institute of Capital Market (BICM) aims to raise the concepts and significance of making financial products, services, processes, and institutions sustainability-oriented with particular relevance to Bangladesh. The conference will bring together academics, market stakeholders, and regulators to develop ideas and an action plan to gradually introduce new sustainable financing and investment solutions and transform the traditional ones. The two-day conference was divided into seven sessions, including five core panel sessions. You can view and download all conference resources below.

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Keynote presentations:

Panel sessionTitleKeynote presentation
Conference inauguration (Session 1.1)Download
Session 1.2  Sustainable and Climate Finance: An overview 
Session 1.3Sustainable Finance and Investment: The problem and the solution 
Session 1.4Sustainable Finance & Investment: Global Cases 
Session 2.1Finance for Sustainability in Bangladesh: Current State and the Future 
Session 2.2Sustainability consideration and financial institutions risk-return
Trade-off: Lessons for Bangladesh
(I) A primer on the sustainability implications for risk and return of financial institutions by Dr. Suborna Barua
(II) Sustainability consideration and financial institutions’ risk-return
trade-off: Lessons for Bangladesh by Dr. Afifa Raihana
Conference Closing (Session 2.3)Redesigning the financial architecture of Bangladesh: An action plan
Presentation titles:
(I) Greening the financial markets in Bangladesh: Ways forward by Professor Dr. Mahmuda Akter
(II) Redesigning the financial architecture of Bangladesh: Some random thoughts. Ways forward by Mr. Wajid Hasan Shah

For further information, please visit the conference website at https://icsfi2021.bicm.ac.bd/

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